Wine Family continued


2015 Chardonnay

With fruit from the Sonoma Valley in California, we did this in a west coast style putting through MLF making it nice and buttery. Ever so lightly oaked in neutral barrels to smooth out the finish, this wine makes for a Chardonnay that has a taste all its own with notes of vanilla and stone fruit on the nose and papaya on the finish.

13.3% ABV

$29 per bottle 

2015 Zinfandel

With fruit obtained from Lodi, California and done in a medium bodied style for a Zin this wine is packed with raspberry and spice in the nose and body. Earthy and jammy on the palate it can pair beautifully with just about any dish. The new American oak used to age it gives it an edge that makes it fuller than the lighter color alone would suggest.

13.9% ABV

$35 per bottle

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

Sourced from the Russian River Valley in California this beautifully big wine has a nice blackberry and licorice spice along with dark chocolate that make for a decadent and long finish. For those with the patience it will easily last over a decade more with its bold yet mellow tannin profile and high acid structure, getting smoother and smoother with each year.

13.9% ABV

$42 per bottle