The wine that started it all

2009 Winemaker's Reserve Syrah

Made during an internship by founder of Accent, Tristen Vanhoff out in Sonoma California, this big smooth beauty was put into 5 Hungarian and French oak barrels before returning to Georgia to reunite with his wife. Lacking the funds to bring the barrels across the country, his mentor agreed to look after them for a while. About 5 years later in 2014 Tristen teamed up with his brother in law Tyler Barnes to start Accent. So equipped with a  gracious loan from Tristen's mother, the two were able to bring the wine over, buy bottles and labels and had 120 cases of premium well aged California wine. Wholesaling all but 35 cases they were able to use those funds to purchase the rest of their fruit and juice for making the other flagship wines that eventually came on offer with the opening of their farm winery Accent Cellars off Auraria Road in Dahlonega. 

An excellent showcase for how well a Syrah can age, it is silky and big with a finish that lingers luxuriously in the back of your palate. A must drink for any fan of bold red wines.

13.9% ABV

$79 per bottle