About Accent Cellars

From our family to yours

Accent was founded on the principle of bringing people together around good friends, family and a great experience.

Accent is a true family business founded by husband and wife, Tristen & Katie Vanhoff, and brother Tyler Barnes. Together Tristen & Tyler craft the wines, while Katie creates the art that brightens up our walls of Accent.
Tyler, Tristan, and Katie, owners of Accent Cellars

We aim to not be your typical estate winery, but instead wish to craft wines onsite from quality grapes sourced from all around Georgia, and the country. We identify the highest quality and most interesting varietals to craft wines that we ourselves want to drink, and in those which takes a sip can taste that our full hearts went into every bottle.

Accent’s goal is to celebrate a healthy relationship between man and nature through hand crafted wines made with fruit sourced from farms in Georgia, California, Washington, Texas, and beyond.

Our passion is rooted in the privilege of being a part of the shared experience of enjoying a good bottle with good friends.

So grab a picnic, some good company, a bottle of wine, and settle into the good life!